Clinics are designed to build respect and communication between horse and rider making them beneficial to English or Western disciplines.

Are you wanting a stronger bond, a oneness with between you and your horse?  Would you like your horse more willing, responsive, and respectful?  You're invited to spend time with Scott and realize how to get you and your horse started on one of the most fulfilling journeys you both will ever experience.  Not only will you learn things you can do to help your horse, Scott will clearly explain how the horse thinks and feels, and why it reacts and responds the way it does!  

With Scott's laid back easy going style, extensive knowledge, and teaching ability along with countless demonstrations he performs with his personal horses, everyone will have an informative and enjoyable experience.

Whether you're just beginning with your horsemanship or are more experienced and want to go to the next level, you ride English or Western, Trail Ride or Dressage, Scott can help you and your horse achieve the relationship you've been searching for.


Would you like to HOST a Scott Stokes Clinic in 2018?  Contact Us at SBJ Ranch (731)  799-3087 or

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Benefits for the Host:

*  Ride Free in the Clinic you Host

*  Receive a Free Private Lesson from Scott    

Colt Starting

(4 Days)


Participants will start their own colts, properly preparing them for saddling, introduction of ground work, fence work, snaffle bit, and handling of the colts feet in a low stress environment for both horse and handler.

Moving Out
Basic Horsemanship

(3 or 4 Days)


At least half of each day will focus on proper ground work in the halter, getting control of the horse's feet, body and mind.  Also covered will be proper bridling and saddling techniques.  Riding will include basic maneuvers, such as lateral flexion and getting control of the hindquarters and front end.

Horsemanship for all Disciplines
Horsemanship I

(3 or 4 Days)


A minimal amount of ground work will be covered.  Most of the time will be spent in the saddle covering the basic maneuvers and beyond.  We will work on getting your horse softer and more respectful under saddle.

Horsemanship at all Levels
Horsemanship II

(3 or 4 Days)


This class introduces more advanced maneuvers as well as continuing to establish respect and willingness from our horses.

Loop is Out There
Ranch Roping (Beginning or Advanced)

(3 or 4 Days)


In the beginning class you will learn about the equipment used and why it is used.  We will also cover handling our rope and building and throwing a loop as well as preparing our horses for roping.  Roping will be done on dummies as well as live cattle.

In the advanced class we will be horseback roping live cattle.  You need to be able to do all the things covered in the beginning class.  One will learn more advanced shots, how they apply, heading, heeling, and laying cattle down.  We would also cover proper ground working techniques and tying cattle down.

Moving Cattle in IA
Cattle Working/Stockmanship 

(3 or 4 Days)


This class will use cattle to show how the horsemanship is applied and benefits us in a working situation.  Tracking cattle, holding a rodear, and sorting cattle out of a rodear will be covered.  Lots of time will be given to learning how to "read" cattle using the vaquero style of low stress cattle handling.